[VIDEO] 3 Fastest Ways to Find Freelance Work (Even for a Noob)

April 22, 2017

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There’s no single best way to find freelance work. I wish there were. Then I could just point you in the right direction, and we would all make obscene amounts of money to spend it on doggie treats and hard drugs. Or, you know, whatever you wanted.

When freelance work is plentiful, your doggos are happy

Life = sorted

Turns out, reality is a little bit more complicated than that. I could give you dozens of strategies to land freelance clients right now. Just google it — and you will find lists upon lists of things meant to help you find freelance work. Similarly, you can find dozens of freelancing websites in seconds. Shit’s ludicrous.

But there are two major problems with this approach:

1. Nobody has the time, the energy, or the obsessive state of mind required to try all of these strategies and find out if or how well they work. People write these articles to make themselves look impressive, more than anything.

2. What could be one freelancer’s top money-making strategy is another’s soul-shriveling kryptonite.

Let me give you an example of #2. A writer I know (she’s a subscriber) loves cold calling potential clients. She uses cold calls to find freelance work all the time. She’s really good at this, too. I admire it, I know how she does it…

…but I would rather staple my nipples to the rear end of a buffalo charging off a cliff than cold call people and pitch my services.

Another strategy some people love (and I don’t) is getting freelance work through social media. I’ve recently come across this awesome and very thorough guide explaining just how to do it. Again, I know this will work, I understand how it works…

…but unless I have no other means to land clients — and for the last two weeks I’ve been stealing ketchup packets from diners and licking them clean for sustenance — I probably won’t use it. My inner social butterfly has been impaled, dried, and preserved.

But we’re not here to discuss all the shit I won’t be showing you, are we? Instead, I wanted to share with you the top 3 ways to find freelance clients that are fast, simple (but not always easy), and require no special skills (or even a website).

And because I’m typing all this on a small foldable keyboard, I’ll do it with video.

3 best sources of freelance work (that I’ve used)

Brace yourself for my vestigial pornstache (that’s what happens when I travel for 2 weeks without a razor)

Resources mentioned in the video

Instantly download the slide deck here — (click the link, enter your info, and you’ll get the PDF immediately)

5 actionable tactics to land a freelance client with no experience

How to write a kickass cold email pitch (with real examples)

Cold email hacks to ensure you get a response

For more advice about Upwork, check out my friend Danny Margulies — everything I know, I stole wholesale from his brilliant brain

How do *you* find freelance work?

Which of these strategies do you like the most / the least? How do you find freelance work yourself? Leave a comment and let me know — whether you’re a pro freelancer or just getting your feet wet, I’d love to hear from you.

Download the slide deck from this video essay

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